Vanilla, strongly-typed store accessor.

A getter is a function that receives state, getters, rootState and rootGetters.

This package provides a helper function to reduce boilerplate: getterTree. This function adds typings and returns the getters passed to it, without transforming them.

typed-vuex does not currently type-check anything but the state received.
import { getterTree } from 'typed-vuex'

export const getters = getterTree(state, {
  // Type-checked
  email: state => (state.emails.length ? state.emails[0] : ''),
  // NOT type-checked
  aDependentGetter: (_state, getters) =>,
export const getters = {
  // Type-checked
  email: (state: RootState) => (state.emails.length ? state.emails[0] : ''),
  // NOT type-checked
  aDependentGetter: (_state: RootState, getters: any) =>,
Even if you do not use the getterTree helper function, make sure not to use the GetterTree type provided by Vuex. This will interfere with type inference. You won't lose out by omitting it, as Typescript will complain if you pass an improperly formed getter into the getAccessorType function.